Green Tea

Green tea is said to have many health benefits. It has been used for the treatment and prevention of different ailments in China since ancient times. It is also said that the Japanese owe their slim figures to green tea. Green tea, black tea, and white tea come from the same tea plant. It is… Read more

The Relation Between Stress and Weight

Stress can be caused by different reasons. We can be stressed because of pressure at work or if we are in real danger of getting physically hurt. The body responds to this situation by getting ready to fight or preparing to evade the situation in any way possible. The body answers by a sudden burst… Read more

Eating and Sports and Their Relation to Health

Nowadays life for most people is very dynamic. The unhealthy food we eat and the lack of physical activity make us look and feel unhealthy. It isn’t that difficult for people to change their habits and become healthier. There are three things that will help you start eating healthy foods: *Goals (for example losing weight)… Read more