Family Dental Care in Ohio

If you are looking for a Powell family dentist, one of your best options is to visit Bright Smile Dental – a modern dental office, located in Powell, Ohio. It was established in 2003 by Dr. Jerry Cheung, an experienced dentist with a long practice. For over 11 years, Bright Smile Dental offers the best… Read more

3 Tips for Successful Weight Loss Program

As weight loss is a very profitable niche, we see more and more products to help us get in shape in no time. However, some of them are created purely for making money from people who desperately want to be slim and have never be tested nor proven to work. Below are three tips that,… Read more

What to Consider Before Starting a Diet

One of the main problems of the present-day weight loss industry is that all information products are aimed at directly starting a process of becoming slim. Books, tutorials, articles, courses, etc. explain you what to do in order to get in a good shape. This results in people not understanding what a particular way of… Read more

Training and Experience Set Mark Pieloch Apart

Mark Pieloch has had a relatively swift rise to the top of the pet health and pharmaceutical fields. He graduated from the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy (MCP) magna cum laude and completed the five-year bachelor’s degree program in just three and one-half years. Pieloch continued his education by obtaining a master’s of science degree in… Read more

Medical Billing and Coding

Medical Billing is the process of interaction between the health care providers and the insurance companies, also known as the billing cycle. The doctor diagnoses the patient. The next important step is to determine the appropriate code of the disease. This code is used by insurance companies to determine the need for medical services. In… Read more

Formulation development – an essential step in the production of drugs

Formulation development is the final stage in the process of development of a drug. In Formulation development various chemicals, including the active drug, are combined to obtain the final product. In this process we need to produce a drug that is stable over time and easy to use by the patient. Formulation development include mandatory… Read more

Health Information Management and Modern Health Care

Health information management (HIM) is an indispensable part of modern health care. The vast amount of information in the health sector requires maintaining health records – both сх paper and electronic form. At the current level of computer information systems, HIM is a huge relief of work of health professionals. Early HIM standards began in… Read more

Prostate Cancer

After colorectal and lung cancer, prostate cancer is the third leading type of cancer, from which men die. There is an array of things men can be strict in, in order to have good prostate health: Eat well To reduce the risk of appearance of carcinogenic formations, we could include in our diet foods, low… Read more

Eyes and Vision: Care and Diseases

Eyes suffer from many factors like pollution, dirt and dust or allergic factors from the environment. This can cause red eyes, itchy feeling, feeling that there is something like dust in your eyes and even pain. Taking care of your eyes If you work in front of your computer long hours, take a break every… Read more

Dental Health: Periodontal Disease

You, like many people may underestimate how much the drinks and food you consume have effect effect on your teeth. No worries, though, a general oral hygiene will be sufficient to keep your gums and teeth healty and strong. On the other hand, if you dont take the neccesary care for your teeth, you may… Read more